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Girovac Vacuum Pumps

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Girovac Ltd Product

We are a leading small UK High Vacuum Company, since January 1983, supplying all things for Medium & High Vacuum applications.
Girovac is proud to have been an authorized distributor for EDWARDS HIGH VACUUM, from 1983 until we opted for independence in July 1999. Our personnel are vastly experienced in General Vacuum, with an excellent reputation for customer service.

We are able to boast strong trading links with world leaders in the Vacuum Industry such as MIL'S, EDWARDS, LEYBOLD, PFEIFFER, VARIAN, BUSCH, KNF, GAST, KINNEY, RIETSCHLE and more...
The company regularly supplies many 'own brand' products sourced as direct equivalents to brand names at lower prices for - Rotary Pumps, Accessories, Exhaust Filters, KF, ISO, CF Fittings, Spares Kits and Freeze Dryers plus Oils for Diffusion Pumps and Rotary Pumps.

Girovac is strong on Service & Repair of Pumps, Measuring Instruments (plus Certified Calibration) and Systems, plus supply of leading names' Spares and Spares Kits.
We supply Reconditioned Pumps (Rotary, Diffusion, Mechanical Booster, Turbo Molecular), Accessories and Measuring Instruments, Freeze dryers, Coating Systems and Helium Mass Spectrometers.

MIL'S of France appointed us as sole UK Distributor for their Medium Vacuum Pumps, Central Vacuum Systems, Service, Repair and Spare Parts in 1997.

Vacuum Pump Hire is a specialty of Girovac along with Degas Systems, Valves and much more besides...

With quality Vacuum Pumps along with quality vacuum pump repairs & Solutions, you will find the best vacuum pump equipment there is to offer.

30 Years Experience, Worldwide Distributions, and great customer service is just a fraction of what Girovac Ltd Offers. For more info on who we are please read on, or if you would like to see more of our services & solutions we have a section just for that. Check out our products Page for various Equipment including freeze dryers, Two stage vacuum pump, plus other products you or someone you may know might be interested in. Check out our services & solutions along with promotions we have available on our cutting edge products or you can simply contact us for a quote, enquiries or an order. The site is still under construction but as soon as we are done you will be able to buy your Vacuum Pump equipment or spare parts online using our automated ordering Pages.

Worldwide Distribution

Girovac Has Exported High Vacuum Pumps from Girovac, Freeze Dryers & & Spare Parts Over The Past 30 Years To Various Countries Wolrdwide.


Featured Products
Two Stage Vacuum Pump

Two Stage Vacuum Pumps

We have decades of experience supplying many manufacturers Two Stage Oil Filled Rorary Vane Pumps to all sectors of industry & academia

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Reconditioned Equipment

Reconditioned Equipment

Girovac has a long history of involvement in Vacuum Coating & Metalizing. We regularly supplied, when they were manufactured, the EDWARDS E306a and the AUTO306, in various configurations often with Film Thickness Monitoring.

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Vacuum Degas Systems

Vacuum Degas Systems

A wide range of text styling and page layouts for corporate, portfolio and other uses.

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Spare Vacuum pump parts, kits, Fittings

Vacuum, Pumps, Fittings, Equipment Hire

Choose from an array of five unique style variations.

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Why choose Girovac Vacuum Pump Services

Why Choose Girovac Vacuum pump Specialists Suppliers over anyone else?

Why Girovac? Simple " one does it better!..." as we supply the best in the market regardng vacuum pumping products, equipment & services. With 30 years experience in the field and providing MILS products Now and have been a Supplier for Edwards Ltd Vacuum pumping in the 90's till 1999 where we decided to go independant, Our credability and our experience speak for us in the industry

I can go on and on regarding why to choose Girovac Vacuum Pump Supply over any one else, but there are a lot of companies out there that may be as good, only thing that would really make a vacuum pump service like ours stand out is who we have done work with, who we are doing work for, how much experience we have, what we offer from vacuum pump products to servicing equipment & our prices compared to others.

Girovac Limited is......

  • A powerful specialist vacuum pumping service that has offered other related products and supplied vacuum pumps for 30+ years, 15+ years Independent.
  • we have worked with some of the biggest vacuum pump services companies in the world and have supplied for them and still do, ie MILS, Edwards
  • Offers best vacuum pump services and product prices available in the UK and worldwide, please contact for a quote or call for any Enquiries